Galaga is almost done

I picked up this Galaga about a month ago. It was in great working condition but I wanted to make some significant changes. Overall paint job was textured, but it was in decent shape so I figured I could live with it. When I got it, someone had replaced the original 19″ monitor with a 25″ monitor which required them to remove the top and bottom of the bezel to make the monitor visible. I really wanted to bring this game back to original as much as possible so I decided┬áto put in a 19″ monitor. It just so happens that my good friend and fellow S.M.A.C. member purchased a group of machines and one of them was a non working Big Event Golf (never heard of it). However, lo and behold it had a beautiful Galaga bezel in it. I knew that he was looking for a 25″ monitor so I traded him my monitor for a 19″ and the bezel.

I cleaned up the bezel and removed a big ugly Big Event Golf sticker on it. It is in terrific shape and it looks great in the machine. I ordered some new side art (it had none) new kickplate art and a new control panel overlay (CPO).

Changing monitors is never fun, but it only took a few hours and a few cuts, but we got it in and it looks fantastic.

Quick video of the game play on the new monitor:

Next up: CPO replacement.

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