Battlezone Repair Log

We did it! We decided that we wanted to go through all the pain and suffering that many of my KLOV brethren go through on a regular basis and decided to get a non-working “it was working last time I turned it on” Battlezone.

I’m a big fan of battlezone so I was really excited to get this guy back to the arcade. Plugged it in and let’s see what we got.

First things I notice:

  • 5v LED on main board is on
  • Spot (soul) killer LED on monitor is on (OH BOY!!)
  • 5v LED on aux PCB board is NOT on hmmmm
  • Dot on screen (monitor is working hooray)

Shut it down and let’s dig in.

Pull out the trusty multimeter (I call him mike the mechanic…don’t judge me) and start taking power reading. Most of the readings are ok, but some are high while others are low. I normally like to rebuild the AR board and change out the big blue capacitor in the power supply right off the bat so I go ahead and order those items and start down that path.

I worked with a buddy and did a trade for working boards. Game is up and running!

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